Redwing Gallery

Our Mission

Redwing is a Community Interest Company formed in 2011 which carries on activities for the benefit of the community.

Our aim is to promote positive wellbeing amongst artists and to facilitate social change through the creation of opportunities for access and social inclusion in the arts,
 through the promotion of artwork in high quality exhibitions and by providing an exhibition space for the public to visit.

Our main objective is to improve welfare and conditions of life, by the provision of facilities to exhibit and sell artwork.

Secondly we exist to advance the education of the public to the art created by socially excluded people ("outsiders")

Activities are community led and

  • seek to raise awareness of contemporary outsider art issues
  • embrace diversity and promote inclusivity
  • seek to establish and maintain positive relationships between artists and the general public.

If the organization makes any surplus it is reinvested for the benefit of the community.