Redwing Gallery

Past Exhibitions

The Blossom of Culture: 7 Global Intellectuals from the Royal College of Art International Alumni 
7th - 16th June 2022

Mixed show by Redwing studio artists, Huw Marshall, Annie Markovich, Paul Richards along with Jane Sand and Suzi Stephens.
28th May - 4th June 2022

5-17th March 2022

Unbowed, an exhibition by three West Country painters for International Women?s Day, celebrates the courage and tenacity of women. Artists Jenni Watters, Vicki Telesford and Red have wildly different takes on the theme and the results are thought provoking, challenging and ultimately delicious.


Community Pillowcase Exhibition
6th -11th September 2021
Participants from Hayle, Helston and Penzance created a Bayeaux Tapestry feel artwork made from decorated pillowcases.

Funded by the European Social Fund and National Lottery Community Fund Who Dares Works is a partnership of 17 local enterprises supporting individuals in West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to reconnect with education, training and work.

Life Events
A Huw Marshall exhibition
"Dedicated to my lovely Sally"
1st -10th July 2021
An exhibition inspired by Huw's thoughts on events in the world over the previous year or so.
the exhibition comprised of two large works; one large tripych mainly in shades of Prussian blue called "Dancing at the Edge of Time", the largest piece entitled "Breathe" is one paintingon three panels in Naples yellow and white, 366 cm x 152 cm ( 12ft x 5 ft) and this work is deliberately ambiguous, along with his other work, but at the same time designed to be arresting, dramatic and thought provoking. his aim is to stop the viewer and make them think and feel. the exhibition was dedicated to Sally Poynton.

Exhibition RELIEF!

31st of May - 30th of June 2021

Print making exhibition. A call went out to all artists. 

The exhibition comprised all original prints created by artists, not mechanical or digital reproductions.

Both directors of Redwing, Peter Fox and Roselyne Williams are printmakers who graduated from Falmouth School of Art in the 1980s. 

Roselyne said ?There are so many different ways of mark making with Printmaking and it is a medium which always has some surprise element. In this first open call exhibition of 2021 it was literally a relief to see so many submissions from artists who obviously enjoy printmaking as much as we do.?

Exhibiting Artists:

Chris Bailey MA, Victoria Morsman, Neil Robson, Suzi Stephens, Lee Stevenson, Mary Fletcher, Andrew Tait, Natasha Whittaker, Hazel McNab, John Berryman, Georgia Murphy, Christine Boshier, Roselyne Williams, Peter Fox.

Sancreed Church, A Spiritual Adventure

Paintings by Jane Sand

at Redwing Gallery

Monday 19th - Friday 30th October 2020


The 2020 Spirit of the Trees exhibition in aid of Penwith Environmental Network at Redwing Gallery.
Artists submitted work on the theme of "The Spirit of the Trees".

Exhibition dates: Saturday 12th September - Thursday 15th October Monday - Saturday 10:30 am - 4:30 pm.

The image at left is by Lee Stevenson.

Sandra Lincoln: First Solo Exhibition

Paintings and mixed media,

August 26th - September 9th.


29th August  - Saturday 5th September 2020.  

Artist Chris Bailey creates an intervention at Redwing to

celebrate Peter Fox's long established passion for art and nature. 
Chris says:,"Peter Fox is fundraising for a local Land for Nature project and you can help him. 
For a small donation you will get an original artwork from this intervention."



Our online lockdown exhibition was on the theme of HOME. 

FREEDOM Open Online Exhibition April - May 2020

Paintings by Kerry Tomlins

February 2020.

22-27 November 2019

Drowning in a flood of images, the more I care the more I have to stop, freeze frame, and draw ... tiny sketches with a brush and paint ... and draw back - focussing by not focussing. Come at it sideways and get a good grip.

Paintings of drawings - as clear and calm, honest and naive, obvious and understandable, passionate but non-judgemental as I can make them.From Hokusai to minimalism, stained glass windows to Andy Warhol, Nicolas Poussin and Patrick Caulfield to Francisco Goya and Emory Douglas.

New lines in the world ? but my lines don't try to divide, they join, connect, like zips, inside and outside, content and context, me and not me, us.

 November 2019

Black Night. Paintings by Ellie Fargo 

 'Seeing' By Ellie Fargo


TREES...October 2019

an open call exhibition raising funds for Penwith Environmental Network

"Den" by Chris Cooper

Rory Te Tygo

The Way of A Sculptor

July 2019


Human Being Being Human:

Huw Marshall

18th May - 1st June 2019



 An exhibition created in a day...

September 2017

Artists were invited to come in to Redwing on Sunday 9th September between 9am and 5pm and create work from scratch for exhibition over the following week.



IMOGEN ALLEN Living Roots 



The debut solo exhibition by nineteen year old artist Imogen Allen. The title of the show 'Living Roots.' is a phrase in a Seamus Heaney poem, titled 'Digging.'encapsulating a running theme throughout the works Imogen has chosen. This theme is broadly the imagination, and the roots of thoughts, emotions and perceptions within the mind. Our internal, physiological states as human beings fascinates Imogen, and how painting can bridge the gap between the internal and the external even more so.
Essentially, the paintings aim to express something primal about humanity and experience which is therefore universal. 
Living roots questions in various ways 'what are we?,' and perhaps even 'where do we come from?'

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Exhibition curated by Jum Fernandez

4th - 9th August

Drawn to Life. An exhibition by 13 artists from the Penzance Band Room life-drawing group.

16th - 28th June 2017

The Drawn To Life 2017 exhibition featured a wide group of artists, some with over six decades of life experience, all of whom draw regularly. With work in a wide variety of sizes and media the show was of interest to any student of life. 

Tammy Schneider

Wax Paintings and Candles

7th-14th June 2017

Open Studios Cornwall at Redwing                                                        

Paintings, prints and mixed media work by Alison Bray, Nara Griffiths and Lee Stevenson who work from studios at Redwing.


Angela Stead


An exhibition of paintings and posters by Angela Stead.

May 6th -25th 2017

The Kernow 6 Present

An exhibition of paintings by six very different artists with six very different versions of reality,but united in their love of West Penwith.

June Atlee, Jo Finn, Mick Finn, Claire Healey, Jane Sand, Pam Weaver

April 20th - May 4th 2017


Irene Waters: Life's One Big Doodle


Shallal Sketchbooks 


Laura Wild: Grass Roots




Jenny Haywood: Journeys Through the Imagination


Jenny Haywood's exhibition of paintings was in the upper gallery 25th- 30th November 2016. 

Sun Wind and Rain: Jane Sand


Landscapes painted outdoors in all weathers!

Solo exhibition in the first floor gallery

October 6th - 23rd November 2016


Florian Brooks

Drawing From Life

Friday June 17, 2016

New work in many media from over a dozen artists who work weekly at the open life drawing group in Penzance Cornwall. Featuring drawings, prints, paintings, monoprints and artists' cards.

Downloadable posters and artist info available at


Toby Bridge Artist's Residency and Shallal Studio Artists Exhibition

April 29th to 11th May 


Roaming C.I.C.


A group exhibition by artists from Roaming Art Group. March 2016

Kira Kegan aka Chrissie Jacobs: Posthumous Exhibition

October 2015

Viva! CUBA

An exhibition of photographs by Peter Puddiphatt A.R.P.S. taken during a recent trip to this unique and very colourful country.

Peter Fox Solo

June 2015


Peter Fox presents some new work in his solo show.

'Thylacine' is one of Peter Fox's petroglyphs, that is drawings on stone, in this case recycled slate, on which he has inscribed a symbol for extinction below a delicately precise picture of the Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger, the last of which died in Hobart Zoo, Tasmania in 1933.

The last but one thylacine, a wolf like animal, had been shot by a farmer. Peter Fox describes his world view as a biocentric rather than an anthropocentric world view, seeing all life forms as important and he clearly empathises with the plight of this lone wolf, imprisoned in a cage, the last of its kind. Other animals in his pictures include wolves, newts and lizards. His sympathies are with the Green movement.

Another more colourful example of his work is ?Thank you for the rhythm and the drums'  and the

title is written in Spanish on the picture, 'Gracias para ritmo y tambor'. Here we see a celebration of Peter Fox's love of music: he plays in Quijada, a band which performs 'son' music, Cuban style, a music which uses repetition and cyclic patterns in a hypnotically infectious enjoyable way. 

Parallel attributes apply to these paintings in which strong solid colours are contained by outlines and he uses a mysterious undeciphered language as if from some yet to be discovered civilisation. Peter Fox draws on symbols from around the world, being interested in cultural myths, and adds his own symbols to express in art what he finds is not expressable in words. He often includes birds and the sun as giver of life, drums, comets, and animals, arranging them subtly to make formal echoes and patterns in the picture space, different ways of reading perspective playing against one another. The colours are sonorous and glowing, applied with care. Peter Fox acknowledges the influence of Alan Davie but without using  the latter's  more messy wild application of paint. 

No one else around is painting like this; it is Peter Fox, a shaman in his own world, inviting us to enjoy his discoveries and move imaginatively to the rhythms and harmonies of his visual music.

                                        Mary Fletcher


Bedroom Tax and Other Political Art

May 2015

Political work by David Axtell, Alan Britt, John Chambers, Mary Fletcher, Peter Fox. Also work by Chris Neate.


April 2015

Work by Peter Fox, Chris Neate, Rachael Levine, Alan Streets, Mary Fletcher, Hannah Light,Jane Sand, James Dam, Becky Leest, Vaughan Warren.

              Shaman's Drum. Peter  Fox

Heretics: An Introduction to Outsider Art

 March 2015

Work by Peter Fox, Chris Neate, Piers Lockwood, Rachael Levine, John Sheehy, Alan Streets, Hannah Bakewell, Lucy Brown.


23rd and 24th March 2015:

The Moth Collector: A Photographic Documentary by Vince Chapple

OVER 80s 

February 2015

A stunning show of paintings by five very different artists over the age of eighty. Poets tend to peak in their early twenties but artists only become better with age. Titian created masterpieces in his eighties, Picasso was still going strong in his nineties and in 2014 Rose Wylie, aged eighty, won the prestigious John Moore Painting Prize. In this exciting upcoming Over 80?s Art Show we have work from John Chambers, who creates powerful abstracts, working largely with industrial Hammerite paint on MDF board; Hannah Light, who paints mysterious images drawn from the Unconscious; Claire Healey (from Boscaswell Village), who is showing her beautiful series of paintings inspired by Greek myths; Alfred Warren, whose paintings reflect the tumult of life; and lyrical landscapes and thought provoking installations by Bill.

Redwing Volunteers Exhibition

A show of artworks by Redwing's volunteer workers:

The volunteers are all drawn to helping this unusual social enterprise gallery for Outsider Art because they want to support Directors Peter Fox and Ros Williams keep their visionary and unique venture flourishing.

Open Wed to Sat, 11-4.30, free admission and refreshments available, opening Sat 10th Jan 2-4, all welcome, on during the rest of January.

Small Things


December 2014

An exhibition of small paintings, craft and sculpture.

Work by  Piers Lockwood (pictured above), Lucy Brown, Peter Fox, Mary Fletcher,  and others.  




November 2014

An exhibition of all kinds of drawing, scribbling and doodling by all sorts of artists.

Work by  Chris Neate (pictured above), Peter Fox, Mary Fletcher, Colin Riches, Lisa Stewart and others.


Art of Assemblage. October 2014

Assemblage: A work of art, (Usually Three Dimensional), that combines various objects into an integrated whole.
The Redwing Gallery in Penzance is pleased to host an exhibition of discarded objects and images given new meaning and narrative purpose by artists a-tuned to, and able to comment upon, the poignant potential of the waste within today?s consumer culture.

The works of art on view have been created almost entirely from pre-existent cast offs and objects found.

Here, the artist?s contribution has been to make links between objects and things, putting them together and tearing them apart, juxtaposing them, either to suggest a story or to point to a higher reality.
Joseph Cornell talked of Rauschenberg?s ?Combined Paintings?; ??the painted surface combined with objects affixed to the surface?.
In this exhibition there is a desire to give worthless objects a new life, a greater value. As such it is a branch of ?Arte Povera? and designates a kind of creativity which, in contrast to the technologized world around it, seeks to achieve a poetic statement with the simplest of means.

There is a total uniqueness in each piece because of the very nature of the choice of unrelated objects. No two artists would choose the same objects or even assemble them in the same way.

These artists usually have a desire for a subversion of the standard conventions within art and ask us to look closer for meaning in the world around us where ever we may be.
The Art of Assemblage runs at Redwing Wednesdays to Saturdays throughout October   and is certainly well timed as international interest in this type of art is now well documented and received in the global Auction Houses.

The Redwing Outsider Open Exhibition
5 -26 July 2014
We put out a call for outsider artists to enter works for selection at the Redwing Gallery in Penzance, Cornwall.

We chose extraordinary work from artists who may never have exhibited before in a gallery and who had existed outside the mainstream art world and outside art education systems.Chris Neate. Entwine. 30cm x 50cm. Ink on Wood Panel £250

 Jon Tempest. Triangle Man, Stainless Steel. £600

Lisa Stewart. Ant Not Adam. Acrylic on Paper. £99


 Peter Fox. Tres Signus £1500


 Chris Neate. Totem 55cm x 11cm. £250, Entwine. 30cm x 50cm. £250 Song 25cm x 15cm. £250. All ink on wood panel.


Jason Pearce. Thumbnail Pots. Acrylic on Canvas. £3000

Torr. 2 Photo collages.

 Exhibiting artists: Cathie Ashley, Alison Bray, Michael Edwards, Beverley Morgante Le Levier, Chris Neate, Jason Pearce, Graham Russell, Jane Sand, Tammy Schneider, Stefan, Lisa Stewart, Fiona Sullivan, Ted, Angie Tonkin, Torr, Vaughan Warren.

Drym Valley Artists. 

June 2014  

 Artists from the Drym Valley Centre, a day-centre for adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities and mental ill-health display their work and raise awareness about the benefits of the creative experience and the positive impact it has on our well-being.

In the Printmaking Studio: Work by Ivan Bray, Peter Fox, Rachael Levine, Becky Leest, Jane Sands, Piers Lockwood...

Piers Lockwood. Transparent painting.


John Chambers at 80

Saturday 10th May - Thursday 29th May 2014

John Chambers grew up in West Cornwall and after leaving the Penzance Grammar school for Boys he went to Penzance School of Art before being accepted at the Slade School of Art, University College London. After a lifetime of teaching art in Cornwall and in Devon he eventually retired as Head of the School of Art and Design at South Devon College, Torquay before returning to live in West Cornwall. The exhibition is one of several planned to mark his 80th year as an active painter.

Que Paso: Recent paintings by Peter Fox

5th April - May 5th 2014 

Drop-in Studio:Exhibition
Sat 8th March ? Sat 29th March 2014

Drop-in Studio was supported by FEAST.

FEAST is a programme to make great art happen across Cornwall.
FEAST harnesses the talents and energy of Cornwall's artists and communities, generating new opportunities for everyone to enjoy the arts. The focus is on bringing people together to share experiences as audiences or participants, and on animating local celebrations and cultural life.
Investment in FEAST comes from Arts Council England and Cornwall Council. The programme is managed by Cornwall Arts Centre Trust.

Who You Know

Saturday 11th January 2014 - Saturday 25th January 2014

Redwing's volunteers and friends were invited to submit their own work and to invite another artist to show work in this exhibition.

Artists included: Lucy Apple, Christine Bailey, Craig Barnes, Jay Blythe, Ivan Bray, Jamie Brown, Roger Davison, Cary Evans, Helene Fletcher, Mary Fletcher, Ruth Husbands, Adam Jacobs, Piers Lockwood, Freya, Neil Robson, Gary Rogers, Jane Sand.

The Art of Small Things

                                                                                                             Piers Lockwood                                               Gary Rogers                                          

Sat 7th December 2013 - Saturday 4th January 2014

Artists included: Lucy Apple, Rachael Levine, Louise McClary, Piers Lockwood, Hannah Bakewell, John Sheehy, Diane Hadden, Freya, Paul Richards, Neil Robson, Gary Rogers, Alan Streets, Christine Bailey, Jane Sand, Becky Leest, Helene Fletcher, Hannah Light.

Sat 7th December 2013 - Saturday 4th January 2014



2ND - 30TH NOVEMBER 2013

Redwing Gallery specialises in primitive and outsider art. Its ethos encapsulates an aesthetic, but also 'inclusivity'. Redwing invited all artists, young and old, professional and non-professional, aspiring or non-aspiring to show work - together.

There were names that you may have recognised - and many artists who had never shown before. The levelling ground was story-telling using colour. We all like to tell and share stories.

MIXING_IT_UP: COLOUR STORIES was guest-curated by Delpha Hudson, selecting work that visually, and conceptually revealed more about the theme of storytelling when juxtaposed together.



Redwing Gallery showcases work by highly talented artists whose access to the mainstream can be limited by a whole range of reasons, including mental health issues, disability, chronic ill health, social circumstance, art style or the subject matter they work with.

Directors Peter Fox and Roselyne Williams chose the theme ?Venus and Mars? for the exhibition, leaving interpretation of that title open to artists. This made for an interesting and varied show, which featured work by Ivan Bray, Paul Broad, Norma Guyver-Cole, Graham Jobbins, Becky Leest, Stefan and others.

One of the many highlights of the ?Venus and Mars? exhibition is ?Creation of an Evolutionary Metaphor?, an alternative Statue of Liberty by Graham Jobbins whose sculpture, even if it were smaller, would not fit easily into galleries of Cornish landscapes, seascapes and pretty abstracts.

Jobbins was born in Kent in 1959 and studied sculpture at Maidstone College of Art.  Moving to Cornwall in 1985, he has designed and produced a remarkable range of metalwork and wooden sculptures. He employs scrap metal and junk items primarily to construct figurative work.

Pete Townsend of The Who purchased his largest piece, a three metre high 'Iron Man'. He acknowledges the influence of science fiction, Jacob Epstein the sculptor, and perhaps even his dog, who he enjoys walking! He has often worked with the sculptor David Kemp and produces large-scale constructions for theatrical and festival events including Truro's City of Lights and Kneehigh Theatre as well as unusual items such as candelabra built of nuts and bolts.

It was good to see new work by visionary artist Ivan Bray in the exhibition. Born in North Wales, Bray first came to Cornwall at the age of seven. At fifteen he left for Australia, where his works found their way into public collections. The artist returned to Cornwall in the 1990's, attended Falmouth School of Art and exhibited in London and at Goldfish gallery before taking a break from the gallery scene. Bray's painting ?Eve Leading Adam from Eden? is a dark, moody piece. It's heart-felt simplicity reminds one of the work of William Blake.Ivan Bray

Becky Leest's paintings ?His Buttons? and ?Her Buttons? hark back to a simpler time. Leest brings together oil paint, wood, paper collage and buttons for a pair of beautiful paintings on wood panels.

Norma Guyver-Cole exhibits small intimate (in all senses of the word) mezzotints, using a a rarely seen printmaking method.

Peter Fox, Redwing's founder says ?It's exciting to see more and more artists who feel outside of, or on the margins of, the artworld bringing their work in to the gallery."

Venus and Mars ran throughout October 2013.

 The gallery is ran an artist-led Mezzotint Day on Sunday 27th October where anyone could have a go at creating their own mezzotint print.



Headhunters was the exhibition at Redwing Gallery, Penzance's pop-up arts centre in Wood Street in September 2013.

The gallery, known for providing a platform for those who are often excluded from the commercial art world, hunted for primitive and outsider artists working on the theme of masks and faces.

The exhibition included a shrunken head made by Betty Rose Hodgkins, a founder member of the Derbyshire Weavers' Guild, colourful ceramic masks made by artists from the Drym Valley Centre and paintings by St Agnes artist Becky Leest. Betty Rose Hodgkins

Artist Belinda Landini, who works at the Drym Valley Centre exhibits her magical papier mache sculptures, with titles such as 'Sleeping Tree' and 'Redriding Hood'. Making art, Belinda says, is about finding a voice. 'Figuration, form and colour allow a leap to a different level of consciousness where anything is possible ? the world of Once Upon A Time ?'Belinda Landini

Despite getting a grade 3 GCSE for art Plymouth-based Piers Lockwood generally considers himself as self taught. The pieces are painted straight onto glass with syringes and other improvised tools, using his own recipe of transparent pigments and acrylic goo to create translucent pictures which, when backlit with either the natural light from a window or electric lights create some very hypnotic effects.Piers Lockwood

Visitors to the exhibition were  able to make their own masks and wear them at an end-of-show masked ball on Saturday 28th September 2013.



36a Market Jew Street, Penzance TR18 2HT was once a pet shop.

When the owners and animals moved out the building lay empty for over a year before artist Peter Fox's social enterprise Redwing Gallery transformed the building into an alternative arts centre.

With the latest show ?Creatures? the building is once more filled with animals, all-be-it in painted, sculptural and printed form.

The gallery put out a call for submissions aimed at artists who consider themselves marginalised by the mainstream art world. Redwing was inundated with work from all sorts of artists.

Lynn Roberts, team leader at the Drym Valley Centre brought in some of their artists' work. Set in an exceptionally beautiful and secluded part of West Cornwall the centre provides the opportunity for adults with additional needs to enjoy a lively and beneficial rural experience. The service is run for people who are 18 or over and have any of the following disabilities/needs:

  • Severe and enduring mental health problems

  • Mild to moderate learning disabilities

  • Moderate physical disabilities

  • Younger people with memory impairment problems

Exhibitor, Katrin Werner spent the first 25 years of her life in East Germany, behind the Iron Curtain. Longing deeply for personal freedom and individuality, she left Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall and followed the call of the Cornish coast. Here she started dreaming and creating and her work "Animal Dreams" draws inspiration from nature and the wild Cornish landscape.

Chris Bailey, who has recently moved to Penzance, is exhibiting small acrylic sketches ?Oh for the Wings of a Dove? and ?All Mouth and No Trousers?.

Hannah Bakewell's ?Catnip I? and ?On the Prowl? depict cats/lions while her ?Midnight Flight? features an owl in the artist's distinctive anochromatic style.

Becky Leest's colourful painting shows a dappled mare.

Lisa Skye shows a detailed pencil drawing ?Marjorie, Self Portrait of!!?. Who is Marjorie?

Alan Street's ?Barking Wolf? and ?Fish? are in his distinctive cartoon-like style.

Textile artist Sue Dove shows quirky mixed media canvases ?Fishing? and ?A Dog?.

Amongst the animals there are other worldly creatures as in Penzance based artist Robert Padfield's painting ?Angel?.

?Creatures, which shows the work of around 20 artists runs from Sat 3rd August until 31st August.

Redwing Pops Up Again

 We have taken on a 12 month lease of an empty shop in Penzance and have transformed it into our new gallery, print workshop, cafe and community meeting space.

The B &Q  store at Longrock very kindly donated paint to refurbish the inside of the gallery, the Hypatia Trust donated various items and we have received funding from Cornwall Community Foundation, assistance from Open Shed and many volunteers.

Our first exhibition in the Wood Street gallery opened on Saturday 9th March 2013. The "Redwing Open(s)"exhibition contained work by over fourteen artists, including Alan Britt, Alan Streets, Ivan Bray, Leanne Easterling, Peter Fox, Sue Dove, Emily Harnett and Kerry Ann James.